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Podcasts Killed the Radiostar

Updated: Mar 1

Join us for a discussion on the rise of podcasts over traditional media. Pedro, Antonio, Jackie, Shayan, and Frank explore censorship, indie versus corporate media, monetization, community building, and the dominance of American listeners. Moderated by Katy Irizarry we'll strategize on expanding podcasting to a wider audience.

Podcasting, YouTube, and streaming platforms have swiftly risen to dominance, challenging traditional media. With their accessibility, versatility, and vast array of content, they offer audiences a personalized and on-demand experience that traditional media struggles to match. As listeners and viewers increasingly turn to these digital platforms, the once-dominant forms of media like radio and television face a formidable threat to their relevance and influence. The convenience of accessing podcasts and streaming services anytime, anywhere, coupled with the diverse range of content available, has propelled them to the forefront of media consumption. This shift represents a change in the media landscape, one where the power lies not only in the hands of corporations but also in the hands of individual creators and voices.

Thursday 28. March 12:00 - Room: Central Park

@Clarion the Hub

Shayan // Trivax (IR)

Jackie Smit // Into the Necrosphere  (UK)

Pedro Almeida // A&P-Reacts (CA)

Antonio Almeida // A&P-Reacts (CA)

Frank Godla // Metal Injection (US)


Moderator: Katy Irizarry // Suspiria PR (US)

Read more about the speakers here


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