The Inferno Music Conference has been organized since 2006 in conjunction with the Inferno Metal Festival. From being a small informal meeting place for industry and media that nevertheless came to the Inferno Metal Festival, it has now become a big conference. In 2019 we had a total of 168 delegates from 25 different countries. Inferno Music Conference is a unique offering for anyone who works with metal in Norway and who wants to find international partners.


The Inferno Metal Festival has been the most important music festival in Norway for the metal genre since 2001 and is held every year at Easter at Rockefeller and John Dee as well as local clubs in Oslo. Around 300 international delegates (press / labels / producers / artists etc.) visit the festival every year.


Main Goal

The music business is always changing. To achieve long-term survival, a business must develop and adapt with the times. Inferno Music Conference creates an opportunity to keep up with the changes and to expand networks. Our genre is strong and narrow, and we love it! Our main goal is to create the world's best and most important meeting place for the International metal music industry.

Equality - we're all red on the inside

Inferno Music Conference is an international music conference where everyone is welcome. All genders from any continent; we all have a strong common denominator; metal music. We work diligently to help create a well-mixed collection of women and men from all over the planet. Unfortunately, we see that there is an uneven distribution of gender in today's industry and do what we can to contribute in this area.