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Podcasts Killed the Radiostar

Join us for a discussion on the rise of podcasts over traditional media. Pedro, Antonio, Jackie, Shayan, and Frank explore censorship, indie versus corporate media, monetization, community building, and the dominance of American listeners. Moderated by Katy Irizarry we'll strategize on expanding podcasting to a wider audience.

Podcasting, YouTube, and streaming platforms have swiftly risen to dominance, challenging traditional media. With their accessibility, versatility, and vast array of content, they offer audiences a personalized and on-demand experience that traditional media struggles to match. As listeners and viewers increasingly turn to these digital platforms, the once-dominant forms of media like radio and television face a formidable threat to their relevance and influence. The convenience of accessing podcasts and streaming services anytime, anywhere, coupled with the diverse range of content available, has propelled them to the forefront of media consumption. This shift represents a change in the media landscape, one where the power lies not only in the hands of corporations but also in the hands of individual creators and voices.

Thursday 28. March 12:00 - Room: Central Park

Moderator: Katy Irizarry // Suspiria PR (US)

Katy Irizarry is the owner and founder of Suspiria PR, a boutique Public Relations company that promotes extreme, enigmatic, and esoteric music and events in North America. With over a decade of publicity and marketing experience, Katy Irizarry got her start in the music business at the tender age of 17, where her first bylines were published in the nationally syndicated print magazine, Metal Edge. From there, she expanded her horizons into radio, working on various production roles at SiriusXM and PodcastOne, where she was notably Eddie Trunk’s producer from 2011-2021. During this period, she also continued to write, having bylines in Loudwire, Revolver Magazine, Metal Insider, Outburn Magazine, and many other notable outlets. Eventually, her passion for radio and journalism led her to her first marketing position as a radio promoter, which ultimately led to her discovering her true niche as a music publicist. Having worked for many PR companies and record labels since 2015, Katy eventually went her own way in 2022, solidifying her place among the premier extreme music publicists in North America with a diverse and impressive roster.

shayan - promo (1).jpeg

Shayan // Trivax (IR)

Shayan is a musician and fitness coach, born in Tehran, Iran, after the Islamic Revolution. He grew up in a world of totalitarian religious extremism, under the rule of cultural and societal restrictions - defying which could lead to punishments of imprisonment, or even death via order of execution.

He is best known as the frontman and guitarist of the Black Death Metal band, TRIVAX, who were originally conceived in rebellion, at the heart of the Islamic Republic in 2009. They are now based in the UK and perform live shows internationally.

In addition - Shayan is the host for the Iblis Manifestations podcast, where he has in-depth and nuanced conversations with artists, journalists and entrepreneurs, predominantly within the underground scene, where they discuss all aspects of music, life and beyond.

He is best described as a free speech absolutist, spiritual explorer, fitness fanatic, psychedelic adventurer as well as a Rock n Roll & Extreme Metal connoisseur.

Jackie Smit // Into the Necrosphere  (UK)

Jackie Smit is the host of Into The Necrosphere, a weekly podcast that delves deep into the heart of metal music culture.

Kickstarted in 2019, the show was originally conceived as a platform for in-depth chats primarily with key personalities from the realms of black and death metal. The podcast has since morphed into a unique blend of candid dialogue and heavy metal commentary, which some liken to "Joe Rogan thumbing through an issue of Metal Maniacs." Previous interviewees include renowned names such as Atilla Csihar of Mayhem, Alan Averill of Primordial, and Rune Eriksen, better known as Blasphemer.

Before Jackie launched "Into The Necrosphere," he sharpened his journalistic edge as a contributing writer at the iconic Chronicles of Chaos webzine and at

Although Jackie has resided in the UK since 2002, his South African roots are a source of enduring pride. A self-described high fidelity audio obsessive, Jackie's passions extend beyond the sonic realm to encompass film, personal fitness, rugby, and mixed martial arts

jackie smit.jpg
pedro pic.jpg

​Pedro Almeida // A&P-Reacts (CA)

Co-founded A&P-Reacts YT channel in July 2017 and what started as a reaction channel quickly grew into a metal channel that provides reviews, interviews, vlogs, and all-around metal coverage. Not having a journalism or music degree was never a handicap in the growth of the channel and the coverage provided, having established himself as a respected voice in the metal world and a knowledgeable interviewer. Featured in Metal Hammer Germany 2022 Nov edition as one of the new voices of metal in the new media world with interesting and engaging interviews with bands like Sepultura, Mayhem, Nightwish, and Sabaton among others, has allowed the channel to be at the forefront of what metal coverage looks like in 2023.

Antonio de Almeida // A&P-Reacts (CA)

Co-Founded A&P-Reacts YT channel when only a teenager, has been able to grow into a respected voice in the metal community. His insightful reviews and musical knowledge that comes from being a guitar/bass player since 2017, has allowed him to gain his own space within a crowed new world of media. Having travelled to Europe and across NA to help coverage provided by the channel of several Festivals has allowed him to have a deeper knowledge of the business side as well as the artist side, when it comes to how metal is growing and developing around the world.

antonio pic.jpg

Frank Godla // Metal Injection (US)

With over 18 years of experience in the music industry, Frank Godla has paved the way of online media with his popular website Metal Injection. Wearing many hats including co-owner, host, and content director, he’s constantly innovating the way we connect with artists around the world from emerging talent to household names. He’s received many accolades with Metal Injection over the years including a win at the 2012 MTV O Music Awards in the “Beyond The Blog”  category for his docu-series, On The Record. In 2013, LA Weekly named Metal Injection one of the ten best websites for heavy metal, praising its original video content, appearances of modern artists and humor articles. It has also been listed by Ditto Music as one of the twenty influential music sites that support independent and new artists.


As a touring artist himself, Godla is also the creator and organizer of the Slay AT Home festival, which began in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Highlighting the best in underground arts as well as cover collaborations between renown artists, the free livestream runs every month in support of a new charity for each edition and has collectively earned several million views and over $200,000 in donations to date.

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