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Tattoo fair


Once again, Inferno Metal Festival welcomes all tattoo fans and art lovers to our annual Tattoo Fair!

The tattoo show has been a part of the Inferno Metal Festival for years, and we are happy to announce that 2023 won’t be an exception. The famous “dozen of chosen” artists will be taking a stand on the left wing of our main venue, Rockefeller Music Hall. This year’s lineup won’t disappoint: the strong group of international award-winning artists will be happy to visualize your creative ideas in a form of safe, beautiful, custom-made tattoos.


Micky Benavides

Instagram: micky_benavides

Clod the Ripper

Instagram: clod_the_ripper_tattoo

Benjamin Moss

Facebook: Instagram: benjaminmosstattoo

Sefi Blood

Facebook: Instagram: sefiblood_tattoo

Sara Iuso

Instagram: sarahb0109

Jannicke Wiese-Hansen

Instagram: jannickewiesehansen

Carmen PG

Instagram: blekknroll

Maria Viirros

Instagram: viirros

Madeleine Fleming

Henrik Wiman

Christian Cribbe

Barbora Sharuzen

Instagram: sharuzen_tattoo

Mark Weatherhead

Instagram: markweatherhead_tattooartist


Instagram: wulfbaron

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