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Tattoo fair

Inferno Metal Festival welcomes all tattoo fans and art lovers to our annual Tattoo Fair!

The tattoo show has been a part of the Inferno Metal Festival for years. The famous “dozen of chosen” artists will be taking a stand on the left wing of our main venue, Rockefeller Music Hall. This year’s lineup won’t disappoint: the strong group of international award-winning artists will be happy to visualize your creative ideas in a form of safe, beautiful, custom-made tattoos.

Artists 2024: 

Alex ”Impaler” Friberg

Carmen PG (blekknroll)

Sefi Blood

Jannicke Wiese-Hansen

Mark Weatherhead

Clod the Ripper

Micky Benavides

Benjamin Moss

Sara Iuso

Carlos Black Shadows

Ida Morbida

Kevin Hellmaniac


Read more about the artists on Instagram: infernoartandtattoos

Responsible for the account: Marlén Pettersen

Jannicke Wiese-Hansen.jpeg

Jannicke Wiese-Hansen from Nidhogg Tattoo in Bergen has been tattooing for close to 30 years, specializing in norse/viking and woodworking ornamental tattoos. She has made album covers & logos for the Norwegian Black Metal scene even longer, for bands like Enslaved, Immortal, Burzum, Orcustus, Gaahls Wyrd and Ancient, to mention some.


IG: jannickewiesehansen

Alex ”Impaler” Friberg has been tattooing for about three years. Together with his fiancée Ida Morbida, he is a co-founder of the Morbid Impalement Tattoo Studio in northern Sweden. Besides the tattoo, he also has an almost 20-year-long career as a touring musician involved with many renowned bands in the Death & Black Metal scene. His preferred style is semi-realism, dark & Viking/Norse-themed tattoos 

IG: @impaler_ink 


Benjamin Moss has been tattooing for 26 years, specializing in realism, and all things dark. Benjamin started tattooing in his hometown of Detroit, USA, then moved to Seattle where he opened Apocalypse Tattoo in 2000. Benjamin enjoys reaching into the imagery in a process similar to dissection, from the inside out, to find exactly what his subject is made from. He then attempts to extract its dark essence and render it into the skin in such a way that evokes a strong impact and expression, even when the subject matter is clinically dead 

IG benjaminmosstattoo / FB BenjaminMossTattoo


Carlos Black Shadows, born in the city of the profane territories of the south of Chile, is the owner of Black Shadows Tattoos. For 26 years now he has been dedicated to the world of extreme metal music. Black Shadows tattoos do not only provide the art of the tattoo, he also uses creativity in the dark art, making music videos with Lock up, Trident, Order of Isaz, Dark Funeral etc. Promoter Organizing concerts in the past in Chile with Behemoth, Destruction, Krisium, Obituary, Sadus, Watain, Possessed, Sadistic Intent, Sacrofago 

IG: blackshadowtattoos

Carmen PG (Blekknroll) is a heavy metal maniac and tattoo artist based in Bergen, resident artist at Nidhogg Tattoo. Her creations are based on blackwork, old looking elements, medieval, botanic and floral elements. The devil is on the details 


IG: blekknroll

Ida Morbida.jpg

Ida Morbida started building her career as a tattoo artist almost a decade ago and has since then niched herself around dark motives in mostly black and grey. From the very beginning she has found inspiration in the world of extreme metal and lets it influence her work. Together with Alex Friberg "Impaler" she founded Morbid Impalement Tattoo Studio which resides in Umeå, Northern Sweden. 

IG: @idamorbida_tattoo

Kevin Hellmaniac comes from Belgium and currently lives in Norway. His major passion and inspiration lies in darkness and Black Metal. Specializing in blackwork, Kevin brings tattoos to life by applying high contrast and creating a sense of depth on the skin. 

IG: kevin.hellmaniac.tattoos


Mark Weatherhead with a traditional academic background in fine art, digital art, and photography, Mark moved his focus into tattooing under Tommy Lee Wendtner's mentorship. He worked in leading tattoo studios in Germany, and has traveled extensively in Europe working conventions and Guest Spots for many years. Now he has established his flagship studio in his hometown. He specializes in black and grey realism, and surrealistic horror, bringing his own style to both large-scale projects and small banger pieces.

IG: markweatherhead_tattooartist

FB: oneforsorrowtattooparlour

Micky Benavides is a Chilean tattooer, based in Oslo, Norway. Micky specializes in black tattoos such as tribal, neo tribal, and geometry with vast Tibetan and Hindu influences in his style.

IG: micky_benavides

Sara Iuso.jpg

Sara Iuso is an Italian tattoo artist who has now been tattooing for around 15 years. Her work is mainly inspired by a mix of her emotions and favorite music, Black Metal and Goth. That forges her passion for art through a variety of different artistic mediums, namely drawing and painting. She works mostly with blackwork, linework, and/or black and grey with occult imagery, and floral illustrative designs.

IG: sarahb0109

Sefi Blood is originally from Valencia, Spain. She has been tattooing for 14 years, owns two studios and an art academy for tattoos and piercings. She is active in the black metal scene in Spain, works with Hammer Agency arranging festivals, and plays in the band Pestcraft. Sefi’s favorite styles are black and grey realism, dotwork, sacred geometry, and abstract realism, but he embraces any type of style without problem.

IG: sefiblood_tattoo

Sefi Blood.JPG
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