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As a self-taught frenchman, he has contributed since 1989 - 1990 to create images and logos for several metal bands, first for his own band Somberness, then for other bands, labels and fanzines worldwide, including Behemoth, Mutiilation, Vlad Tepes, Osculum Infame, The Ancients Rebirth, Graveland, Warloghe, Malleus Maleficarum, and Anwyl. His works can also be seen on several materials from bands such as Gorgoroth, Mortiis, and Gehenna, or linked to the promotion of other bands, like Strid, and Enslaved. Since 2000, he has been more focused on classic Fantasy illustration, and recently came back to artwork for metal bands. His works have been shown in several exhibitions (France, Belgium, England), and several books are available.


In 2017 a large and dedicated artbook entitled 'Owls, Trolls & Dead King’s Skulls: The Art Of David Thiérrée' was published by UK publishing house Cult Never Dies.


Look for his art at the Rockefeller venue! You will not be disappointed!


Our next artist visited us at the festival last year. We loved his contribution so much that we offered him a spot this year as well.

Kim Holm is a cartoonist from Bergen, Norway.


His art is available to download and use for free, which has been featured in releases by bands like 1349 and Primordial, and countless of his fans have tattooed his art on their body.

He has amongst other things contributed to "Satan Is Alive: A tribute to Mercyful Fate", and the upcoming "Morbid Tales! A Tribute to Celtic Frost", and adapted H.P. Lovecraft in "Pickman's Model".

Since 2010 he has sketched and published over 1000 impressions from extreme metal concerts, and done artwork for Sólstafir Vreid, and more.

Look for his art at the Rockefeller venue in the top floor called "Leiligheten". Don't miss his second exhibit.


Elisa Halvorsen Castillo is a Chilean artist with Norwegian ancestry.

Using various techniques such as jewellery-making, printmaking, drawing, and analog photography, the artist explores the concept of Memory and its plasticity, a subject that interests her since she experienced short-term memory loss due to a period of illness in her mid 20’s.

Her last project “Finnskogen” describes Elisa’s experience moving out of the city and reconnecting with the forest in the Norwegian countryside. Working with Analog Photography and various graphic techniques, the artist explores how memories and perception are affected by depression and longing.


An unsettling feeling while walking through the forest...

Portfolio Inferno Elisa H 2023_Side_1.jpg
Portfolio Inferno Elisa H 2023_Side_2.jpg

Stop by and meet Meri the Zu, one of the most hardcore eclectic, and exciting street artists in Romania. In an EEA-funded project with our friends at ARTmania festival, Meri will be live drawing something big enough to stop you, strange enough to hypnotize you, manic enough to scare you a little. And in truth, if it doesn't scare a little, what business would it have here, among the brave and dissimilar? 

ArtMania_2023_Freyja`s-Weeping_Scene_color (1).jpg
ArtMania_2023_Odin_Scene_texture (1).jpg
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