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Open air festivals about climate change

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Being outside in a 21th-century summer season will bring challenges in all possible ways. Protect

yourself against the sun, but also against heavy rain and following mud. How do open-air festivals

deal with maybe 3 or sometimes 4 seasons of weather in a single 4-day edition of a heavy metal

festival? How expensive is a festival with extreme weather? What are real showstoppers, and what

can’t be, in any form at all? And what does it take to prepare yourself for all possible scenarios?

Mod: Nika Brunet (Metal Days, SI)

Tomáš Fiala (Brutal Assault, CZ)

Olav Tessem Wiedswang (NO)

Alex Härtel (Summer Breeze Open Air, DE)

Read more about the speakers here

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