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Open air festivals about climate change

Being outside in a 21th-century summer season will bring challenges in all possible ways. Protect yourself against the sun, but also against heavy rain and the following mud. How do open-air festivals deal with maybe 3 or sometimes 4 seasons of weather in a single 4-day edition of a heavy metal festival? How expensive is a festival with extreme weather? What are real showstoppers, and what can’t be, in any form at all? And what does it take to prepare yourself for all possible scenarios?

Friday 7. April 15:00 - Room 2


Mod: Nika Brunet (Metal Days, SI) 


Somewhere between project and event manager by title, with wide experience from music industry business, social sciences, marketing and communication, IT and even aeronautical science, today responsible for organization and promotion of the biggest music festivals in Slovenia: MetalDays. Vegan by heart, photographer by quest. Passionate about nature, animals, ecology, sustainability and environment, interested in the development of human potential and growth, certified Yoga RYT500 & Therapeutic yoga teacher, Meditation and Breathwork teacher, with a certificate in Horticultural Therapy, with a clear vision of the future where sustainable, low carbon footprint, zero-waste events are not fiction anymore but a reality.


Alex Härtel (Summer Breeze Open Air, DE)

Coming from a label background, Alex has always been passionate about new releases and supporting bands on their professional journey. Joining the great team at SUMMER BREEZE Open Air in 2018, he acts as Head of Marketing and PR at Germany's largest independent metal festival, hosting 45.000 guests annually. A fortunate turn of events considering the fact Alex almost became a teacher but for some reason tried an internship in the music industry in 2006 and never looked back (or should we say got sucked into the void?).


Olav Tessem Wiedswang (NO)

Olav Tessem Wiedswang is a historian, journalist and teacher. His field of expertise is the history of Norwegian climate politics and he has worked with Norwegian industrial and labour history at the Museum of Labour. As a podcaster, he has investigated the ramifications of Danish-Norwegian colonialism in Africa, The Caribbean and India.

tofi zed.jpeg

Tomáš Fiala (Brutal Assault, CZ)

Tomáš Fiala has worked as a book for Obscure Promotion for over 20 years. Obscure Promotion organizes concerts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including Brutal Assault & Basinfirefest. This year is the 25th anniversary of the brutal assault. A unique, multi-genre line-up of 150 artists, breaking down barriers and boundaries. A fresh mix of underground prospects and stellar headliners in five days spread over five stages in diverse and unconventional festival grounds in an 18th-century military fortress. An extensive chill-out zone, a natural stand opposite the main stages, underground catacombs, art galleries, a horror cinema, plenty of seating inside the fortress walls to shelter from the weather, delicious beers, gastronomic experiences, and many other attractions.

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