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Unleash Your Inner Demons: A Vocal Master Class With Sylvaine and Sébastien Croteau

AKKS and IMC Presents

Unleashing Your Inner Demons: A 2-Part Vocal Master Class With Sylvaine and Sébastien Croteau at the Inferno Music Conference 2024

Part 1: An introduction to extreme voices and rough vocal effects by Sébastien Croteau

Sébastien Croteau, a metal vocalist since 1991 and a throat singer mastering an array of extreme vocal techniques, is renowned in the world of vocal distortion and creature voice design. With over 15 years of teaching experience, Sébastien has trained hundreds of vocalists worldwide and worked on numerous video game projects, including Gotham Knights, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, and Assassin's Creed 2. As the founder of The Monster Factory, he specializes in extreme sounds, vocal stunts, and creature/monster voices for movies and video games.

Extreme voices and rough vocal effects are integral to metal and rock music, as well as video games. But what's the science behind these techniques, and how can you master them safely? Join Sébastien Croteau's technical masterclass to explore the world of vocal distortion, debunk myths, and learn about vocal health. Discover valuable tips and tricks for proper warm-up routines.

Part 2: The Banshee Within –a Workshop by Sylvaine

Kathrine Shepard, known as Sylvaine, is a multi-instrumentalist and a classically trained vocalist. With extensive touring and multiple albums under her belt, she has taught clean and distorted vocal techniques for over a decade. During lockdowns, she delved deeper into the fry scream technique and is excited to bring her expertise to Inferno 2024.

Join Kathrine Shepard, aka Sylvaine, for a vocal workshop dedicated to the art of screaming. This workshop will cover the anatomy of the voice, basic singing techniques, various categories of screamed vocals, effective warm-up exercises, and ways to find your own distorted voice. Participants are encouraged to test their newfound skills in a supportive environment and engage in a Q&A session to address any vocal-related questions. No prior experience is necessary, so come and discover how to unleash your inner banshees and demons through the power of your voice.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to enhance your vocal skills and explore the world of extreme voices and vocal effects at the Inferno Music Conference 2024!

AKKS is an idealistic music organization working to recruit, motivate, and promote women in all aspects of the music industry. AKKS aims for gender equality and balance in the Norwegian music scene. While the primary focus is on girls and women, AKKS supports anyone who wants to pursue a career in music, regardless of gender identity, age, religion, or ethnicity.

Tickets on sale: 09.11.2023 kl 09.00


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