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Navigating through the PR landscape in 2024: is it time to embrace the influencer?

How is the world of PR changing in 2024, what does this mean for artists, labels, and PR agents? How do we move forward? Traditionally, the role of a PR meant pitching to the press, gathering reviews, and arranging interviews. A shift to digital took place with the rise of webzines, followed by social media and streaming platforms. Fast Forward to 2024, all these forms co-exist, and navigating through the current landscape can be tricky: is traditional PR still worth the while? Do reviews still count? Do you need a PR agent and what do they actually do? Is it time to embrace the influencers? In this round table discussion featuring four experienced PR agents with wide experience in the heavy music industry, we invite everyone to share their input, concerns, and questions.

Laetitia Abbenes // Northstar Media / AISAmusic (NL)

Katy Irizarry // Suspiria PR (US)

Leoni Dowidat // Nuclear Blast (DE)

Jessica Otten // Future Cult / Hold Tight PR (NL)

Friday 29. March 14:00 - Room: Frognerparken


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