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Greener Touring II: merchandise

Touring sustainably is a goal for many bands, but one of the main challenges lies in distributing

merchandise in an eco-friendly manner. Usually, the same methods are used no matter the size of

the event or festival. But just how can bands and festivals promote themselves in a way that is kind to the environment? What measures need to be taken to make sure that merchandise is distributed

with the least possible impact on the environment? In this panel, experts will discuss these questions

and more in an effort to find the best solution for bands, festivals, and all other entities looking to

tour and promote in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Mod: Linnéa Svensson (Greener Events, NO)

Daniel Engen (D2 Merch, NO)

Michael Berberian (Season of Mist, FR)

Jan Quiel (Wacken Open Air, DE)

Read more about the speakers here


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