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Breaking Barriers: Women in Metal Music

Join us for an engaging panel discussion exploring the underrepresentation of women in the metal music scene and the path toward greater gender diversity and inclusivity. This discussion aims to shed light on the current status of female artists in metal and explore the challenges they face in breaking into this male-dominated industry. Are there just more men who are interested in playing metal, or do women need to work harder to prove themselves in the metal scene? You'll hear firsthand experiences and insights from musicians, as we delve into potential reasons for this gender disparity.

Topics of discussion will include cultural norms, the need to prove one’s musical talents and authenticity, the influence of networking and booking practices on gender imbalances, and the categorization of women through labels such as “female-fronted bands”. Is there a need for concrete strategies to foster a more inclusive and diverse metal community, and to empower and amplify women's voices in metal music?

Heidi Withington Brink // Konvent (DK)

Jessica Otten // Haliphron (NL)

Agnete M. Kirkevaag // Madder Mortem (NO)

Rikke Karlsen // Dwaal (NO)

Mod: Nora Stemland // Inferno Music Conference (NO)

Friday 29. March 13:00 - Room: Frognerparken

Read more about the speakers here


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