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Metal in the Metaverse

The Metaverse: we hear more and more about it, but what is it actually? Another empty promise of big tech trying to grab even more of your data to sell to advertisers (looking at you here Zuckerberg)or a revolutionary new digital environment that has a ton of opportunities to offer to bands, musicians and their fans? In this panel, we will try to figure out what the metaverse exactly entails, and what the potential is for specifically metal artists. How do bands participate in this virtual universe, and how can we develop new revenue streams and new ways of engaging with our fans? To find this out, we will discuss the metaverse with a number of experts.

Thursday 6. April 14:00 - Room 1

Frank Kimenai (photo Lana Mesic).jpg

Frank Kimenai (Hive Mind, NL)

Frank Kimenai is an Amsterdam-based music ecosystem researcher and advisor. He specializes in popular music and its idiosyncratic actors, infrastructure, and value chains. Frank feels most at home at the intersection of culture, economy, policy, and the social domain. He has a healthy dose of grassroots ethics, an entrepreneurial mindset and an international gaze. He likes innovation but dislikes speculation, loves Excel sheets and listens to Black Flag. Currently, Frank’s main activities are his research on the resilience of music ecosystems at the Erasmus University, and his job as head of the public funding and development department of Web3 music & tech start-up Copyright Delta. Frank is frequently asked as a public speaker, moderator and curator, amongst others at conferences like SXSW, ADE, ESNS, Reeperbahn and more. Furthermore, he is involved in several European and national music policy developments. For a full overview of his work activities over the last two decades, please check Linked In

Photo: Lana Mesic

Yvan Boudillet.png

Yvan Boudillet (Metal Social Club, FR)

A creative industry and innovation expert with over 20 years of experience across Music & Technology, Yvan Boudillet is the co-founder and President of Metal Social Club, the 1st Network of Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Creators united by the passion for Metal Music & Culture. 


A regular international speaker (SXSW, Wallifornia, Slush Music, Sonar+D, Midem, Music Inc. India, Eurosonic) with current role at music fintech company Utopia Music, Yvan started Metal Social Club in 2018 with a bunch of metalhead entrepreneurs from Music, Tech and Media to become a unique cooptation based network designed to foster knowledge sharing and connections around digital & environmental transformations. Because headbanging helps to shake ideas. 



Maarten Walraven (NL)

Maarten Walraven has a Ph.D. in History and works at the intersection of music and media. He's a co-project lead for the Water & Music Academy, co-editor of MUSIC x, a newsletter on music, tech, and innovation and he co-hosts the Appetite for Distraction podcast. More generally, he enjoys pushing artists and their teams to experiment with new technologies and opportunities for community building

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