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Metalheads Against Bullying

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Speaker:  Leif Munkelien / Metalheads against bullying (NO)

Metalheads Against Bullying - a Norwegian, and worldwide known organization, with the sole purpose to empower people in the fight against bullying. Bullying exists in all walks of life and many of us have painfully experienced this on our bodies. Some of us may have also consciously or unconsciously contributed to bullying. MAB believes it is essential to show the long-term effects of bullying, so that children, young people, and adults get the support and tools they need to both prevent and deal with a growing problem.


Friday 7. April 13:00 - Bar

MAB's main purpose is to help engage, in making the metal and rock community specifically, grow more awareness concerning bullying in any shape or form. Bullying is not restricted to any age group and many of us have experienced harassment and still do, maybe some of us have even been the perpetrator and may still do it to others - sometimes even not being aware of it?

MAB has taken a firm and rigid stand in this matter and is of the opinion that it is extremely important we start to focus on this issue now. Those of us who live and breathe for Metal and Rock 'n Roll has become synonymous with being a little different, many of us know the feeling of being treated disrespectfully simply just because of how we dress or the way we share this strong passion for music and a certain lifestyle. We are a true symbol for not following trends - therefore it's important that we turn our backs to the trend that is bullying! Take a stand today!

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