Keynote interview with Achim Ostertag (Summer Breeze Open Air, DE)


Managing a company which is fueled by live events, refusing to sit down and putting the feet on the table but take the matter in your own hands. Achim Ostertag, managing director of Summer Breeze Open Air, ticks the boxes and was the first that launched a concept with rapid antigen tests in september 2020 already. How a company director inspired politicians and promoters around the globe, and was even able to transform his event organisation into a merchandise seller for a certain time. An in depth interview with a very adaptive company director whose eyes are set on the horizon, always looking for the best solutions in any given situation, to provide the best festival experience possible

Thursday 14. April 13:00 - Room 1


Achim Ostertag (Summer Breeze Open Air, DE)

Achim Ostertag is the CEO and one of the founders of SUMMER BREEZE Open Air in Germany.
The metal festival in the South of Germany has been around since 1997 and has grown to be the largest independent metal festival in Europe with an audience of 45.000 metalheads each year. Today, Achim’s company “Silverdust GmbH” consist of a permanent team of sixteen employees working all year round to make sure the next edition of the festival is going to be a blast.

Interviewer: Merle Doering (Black Harbour Entertainment, DE) 


Merle Doering is the co-founder and Managing Director of Black Harbour Entertainment, a young agency that not only books shows all over the world, but also offers bands assistance in management, merchandising and ticketing.

Merle began working in the live music industry as a booking agent in 2010 and from there also worked as tour manager and artist manager. Over the years she has worked with bands such as Death Angel, Sonata Arctica, Finntroll, Skálmöld, Stam1na, Coroner, Pain Of Salvation , Twilight Force, and more.