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Greener Touring II: merchandise

Touring sustainably is a goal for many bands, but one of the main challenges lies in distributing merchandise in an eco-friendly manner. Usually, the same methods are used no matter the size of the event or festival. But just how can bands and festivals promote themselves in a way that is kind to the environment? What measures need to be taken to make sure that merchandise is distributed with the least possible impact on the environment? In this panel, experts will discuss these questions and more in an effort to find the best solution for bands, festivals, and all other entities looking to tour and promote in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Thursday 6. April 15:00 - Room 2


Mod: Linnéa Vågen Svensson (Greener Events, NO)


Linnéa Vågen Svensson is a project manager and sustainability consultant working in the event industry with cultural, social and sporting events. She project managed the Green Roadmap for the Norwegian Arts and Cultural Sector, lectures a course in Sustainable Event Management at the Norwegian Business School and is the author/co-author of multiple practical guides in sustainability for festivals and sporting events. She is one of the co-founders of Green Operations Europe and holds several board positions in the Norwegian music industry. Through non-profit foundations, and her own company, Konglomerat/Greener Events, she now works full-time to make the Norwegian culture, nightlife and event industry greener. Linnéa gives consultancy within project management and sustainability for organizers of cultural and sporting events, translating sustainability policies into concrete actions, creating tools and implementing best practices for businesses and public organizations alike. 

Daniel ENgen.jpg

Daniel Engen (D2 Merch, NO)

Through his own music career, Daniel discovered that there was a great need for high-quality merch at a reasonable price. He found his niche within CD production and merchandise. Daniel was the festival manager for Musikkfest in Stavanger from 2008-2019 and had several roles within cultural events and booking. He was also a co-founder of one of Norway's largest rehearsal spaces, Stavanger Rockeri. Most of this was done through voluntary work and resulted in Daniel receiving the Ildsjel award in 2015. Daniel had success with Engen Productions, but wanted to take the next step. He teamed up with David Møller in 2019 and D2merch was born. With a strong vision that textiles and merch should be produced in a greener and more ethical way - D2merch is the only GOTS-certified print house in Norway. The client list consists of festivals and artists ranging from Kvelertak, Kaizers Orchestra, and Madrugada, to Tv2, Trondheim Calling, and Vill Vill Vest.

Jan Quiel 2020.JPEG

Jan Quiel (Wacken Open Air / MPS Seaside Entertainment, DE)

Seaside Entertainment is a national and international concert agency and as a division of MPS Hanseatic GmbH directly integrated into the ICS network. Besides being a worldwide operating touring agency for national and international artists, Seaside Entertainment is the main booking contact for the ICS events like Wacken Open Air, the Full Metal Cruises and Full Metal Holiday, just to name a few. Seaside Entertainment is also a German tour promoter and is well-connected through years of experience.

Jan Quiel started in 2005 as an independent agent and promoter. Before that he promoted local shows in clubs in Cologne / Germany. In 2014 he joined Seaside / Wacken Open Air. Besides booking the ICS events like Wacken Open Air, Full Metal Cruises and more, Jan is promoting tours in Germany for acts like Clawfinger, Helmet, Therapy?, Queensryche, Delain, Armored Saint and many more. He is also working as an Agent for the Norwegian Stoner Punks Bokassa


Michael Berberian Chantik Photography.jpg

Michael Berberian (Season of Mist, FR)

Season of Mist has always been known for being an innovative and wide-spectrum label, interested in exploring and developing new artists and bands. The label represents well-known acts such as ABBATH, SÓLSTAFIR and ROTTING CHRIST, as well as rising stars in extreme metal like THE GREAT OLD ONES, DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT, ARCHSPIRE and CARACH ANGREN. Season of Mist leads the metal hordes towards new creative horizons but also remains underground via the sub-label 'Season of Mist Underground Activists'. They also offer a selection of non-metal related artists such as ÁRSTÍÐIR, HEILUNG and MARK DEUTROM. Variety is the spice of life. Season of Mist has three official offices based in Marseilles (FR), Philadelphia (US) and Vaassen (NL). Having multiple offices, the label is heavily represented in the world’s leading markets for metal and rock music; Europe and America. All releases are promoted with reviews, interviews, advertisements, co-ops, samplers, giveaways, merchandise, touring, etc. Besides its activities as a record label, Season of Mist is also distributing records from 400 other labels like SPV, AFM or Napalm Records.

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