Greener Touring: Word To The Production

More and more artists prefer to make greener choices on tour. But what does this exactly mean for the facilitators involved?


What do artists prefer on tour, besides consuming a plant-based diet and avoiding airplanes and plastic straws? What challenges and choices will you encounter when making decisions in producing a stretch of (international) shows? And what experiences should be considered? Do greener choices always press on your budget and need more detailed advancement? Or does it mean you’ll have extra options? What are the possibilities and solutions around the globe, and how can we educate people, so more promoters know how to offer greener options? Let’s give the word to the ‘men in black’, the people with the overview and knowhow, the producing panthers.

Friday 15. April 14:00 - Room 2


Mod: Merle Doering (Black Harbour Entertainment, DE) 


Merle Doering is the co-founder and Managing Director of Black Harbour Entertainment, a young agency that not only books shows all over the world, but also offers bands assistance in management, merchandising and ticketing.

Merle began working in the live music industry as a booking agent in 2010 and from there also worked as tour manager and artist manager. Over the years she has worked with bands such as Death Angel, Sonata Arctica, Finntroll, Skálmöld, Stam1na, Coroner, Pain Of Salvation , Twilight Force, and more.


Patrick Häberli (Solver Productions, CH)

Patrick Häberlihas has been an event professional for 10 years. He is the managing director of Solver Productions GmbH, which is a production company focusing on three service families:

1) tour productions,

2) local productions, and

3) travel management company with a strong position in the metal ecosystem, with strategic partnerships with management and booking agencies.

They book all travels for bands like Behemoth, Powerwolf, Arch Enemy, Heilung, Eluveitie, etc. Patrick has a university degree in Business & Management, and is currently in the final stretch of a Master of science Degree in Business Administration with a Tourism Focus. He also has a Sustainability in business travel/tourism seminar from GSTC-Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

toma zdjecie fota tomek.jpg

Tomasz Ochab (Mystic Festival, PL)

Mystic Festival is the biggest metal festival in Poland, taking place in June on the historical grounds of the Gdansk Shipyard. Tomasz Ochab is co-owner of Mystic Coalition, a company that organizes the festival as well as indoor shows (Slipknot, Nightwish, Gojira among others).


Tomasz is also the owner of Knock Out Productions concert agency (about 200 shows a year) and the Hype Park music club complex in Krakow. He has organized over 1000 music and cultural events.


Tomasz is also a touring and recording artist, drummer for the band Frontside.