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Diversifying Revenue Streams: Beyond Music Sales

In today's rapidly changing music industry, artists are discovering new and innovative ways to sustain their careers beyond traditional music sales. This engaging panel discussion brings together industry experts, musicians, and music business professionals to explore the diverse avenues available for artists to diversify their revenue streams. From live performances and streaming royalties to merchandise sales and sync licensing, discover the strategies and insights that can help artists thrive in a dynamic and evolving music landscape. Join us to learn how to expand your income horizons and maintain a sustainable path in the music industry.

Thursday 28. March 13:00 - Room: Frognerparken


Mod: Linda Melsom / Indie Recordings (NO)

Linda elbowed her way into the music business in her teens and was quickly taken under the wings of capable and independent women like Runa Strindin and Hilde Hammer (RIP). This lead to various jobs in festival and events before she landed her job in Indie Recordings in 2014 where she has been ever since.

Working in Indie Recordings as AR and project manager she has worked with a broad aspect of bands like Kampfar, Nekromantheon, Carpathian Forest, Djerv, and now the Norwegian Eurovision contribution for 2024 Gåte.

During her time in Indie she has seen the shift from physical to digital, and worked extensively with adaption to the digital shift, marketing and branding of bands and music catalog.

In Indie Recordings she has worked with a wide aspect of revenue sources including sync, where e.g. her band The Cruel Intentions landed a major sync deal with HBO for their Peacemaker series which was released in 2022.

The last ten years has seen big shifts in the revenue streams in music, with ten years in Indie Recordings she has been part of the journey of how to swiftly adapt to these changes and explore how to best accommodate to an ever faster changing market.

sonia goldberg.jpg

Sonia Goldberg // Century Media (US) 


Martin Koller // SPKR Media (US)

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Andy Farrow // Northern Music (UK)


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