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Inferno Metal Auction

auction 2.jpg

Saturday 8. April 14:00 - The Hub bar

The Inferno Metal Auction, hosted by Tore Bratseth of Bömbers, is a highly anticipated and humorous event that has become known for auctioning off rare and legendary items from the extreme metal scene. Past auctions have included items such as the first edition vinyl of Burzum's self-titled album, a burnable church candle from Fantoft Stave Church, Abbath's signed leather boot from the 1993 "Fuck Christ" tour, Old Funeral's fully signed original "Abduction of Limbs" demo, a cymbal used on Mayhem's "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas," and even Fenriz's acoustic guitar. The 2023 auction promises to be just as entertaining, though it remains to be seen what items will be up for sale

Open for all to attend

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