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The second wave: the influence of Masacre (CO)

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

After 30 years, Masacre might be the most solid Colombian death metal band around. During the early days of extreme metal, the music was chaotic and destructive. Many bands took it upon themselves to do everything in their power to deviate from all other genres. The music was a riot against conformity, religion, and structure. They were depicting the chaos of young minds. But the musical direction was not a local occurrence in Norway alone. There was communication and demo tape trading between Norway, Colombia, and many other countries. In this interview, we will hear the story from the Colombian side. One of the oldest death metal bands from Medellin, Massacre, will be doing an in-depth talk with Harald Fossberg and Kjetil Manheim, one of the original members of Mayhem.

Mod: Harald Fossberg (NO)

Álex Oquendo (CO)

Kjetil Manheim (NO)

Clarion Hotel The Hub / Oslo

More to be revealed soon - stay tuned!


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