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Boutique Indoor Festivals – the new tendency?

Indoor boutique festivals - a new trend, or not? What’s the buzz? And is it even worthwhile to run

an indoor event like that? What are the pros and cons? Challenges and opportunities?

With a growing festival market in Europe and beyond, it’s getting harder to stick out. Is the growth

spotted by the bigger multinational corporations, and is there a threat from those organizations?

Would they need to change their strategy, since sometimes full line-ups are built on a minor part of

headliners? Are headliners even a thing? Or are the events tied to venues and will they forever keep independent as it’s the ambiance that sells?

Mod: José Carlos Santos (The Devil’s Mouth, PT)

Freek Koster (Soulcrusher, NL)

André Mendes (Amplifest, PT)

Gavin McInally (Damnation, UK)

Read more about the speakers here


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