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Dracula Unveiled

Dive into the mystique world of Transylvania. The panel entitled 'Dracula Unveiled' will be a captivating conversation between Andrei Pogacias and Gunnar Sauermann. They will try to unravel the mystery and enigma of Transylvania – a land full of fairytale allure and rich, yet bloody, history. The topics during the panel will cover the historical legacy of Vlad the Impaler and the artistic interpretations that continue to inspire a world in all kinds of art manifestations.


With a focus on the Norwegian metal scene as a musical manifestation, the panel is visualized by the artwork of Costin Chioreanu, inspired by this intriguing theme. Costin Chioreanu is a Romanian graphic designer, illustrator and video artist. With a master's degree from the National University of Arts, in Bucharest, he started his graphic studio Twilight 13 Media in 2003. Some of his more renowned collaborators are Ghost, At the Gates, Opeth, Arch Enemy, Darkthrone, Napalm Death, Arcturus, Ulver, Enslaved, Mayhem, My Dying Bride, Wardruna, Paradise Lost, and many others.


Dracula Unveiled will serve as a cultural bridge that brings Transylvania, a part of Romania, and Norway closer together. This connection is made possible through Andrei Pogacias' participation, known for his historical insights, including an appearance on Netflix's 'Rise of Empires: Ottoman' Season 2. Gunnar Sauermann, a renowned and respected journalist in the metal scene, will serve as the moderator, and his longstanding fascination with Transylvania adds a unique perspective to the discussion. We are excited to present this rare convergence of history, music, and art.

Friday 29. March 13:00 - Room: Central Park

andrei pogacias.jpg

​Andrei Pogacias (RO)


gunnar sauermann.png

Gunnar Sauermann (DE)



Illustrated by Costin Chioreanu (RO)

Costin Chioreanu is a Romanian complete visual artist (worldwide renowned graphic designer, painter, illustrator, and video artist) and a multi-instrumentalist musician/composer.


His passion for drawing and his interest in heavy metal music were juxtaposed in the mid 90’s, when he realized that the artworks found in his own collection of bootleg cassettes released in the post-communist era, had to be improved. Since then Costin remained a constant musician, releasing albums, singles, and soundtracks, a thing which always offered him the maximum depth for understanding in full what a musician or a band needs in order to illustrate a musical work.


Specializing in Graphic Design, with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree at the National University of Arts, in Bucharest, he started his graphic studio in 2003, under the name of TWILIGHT 13 MEDIA. Over the years Costin worked with hundreds of bands, musicians, and labels from all over the world. Today we find him around the highest circles formed by musicians like Jethro Tull, Ghost, Soulfly, Emperor, Carcass, Wardruna, Hypocrisy, Ulver, Mayhem, and Darkthrone just to name a few.


He expanded the complexity of artistic collaborations, by covering all kinds of visual expression, reaching even the shores of show productions and stage design, or amplifying the power of live performances through original and powerful screenings, animation movies, stage designs, live painting shows on the same stage with the bands, even becoming a part of the performance itself as an actor while the musicians were playing.


Costin Chioreanu is today a worldwide icon in visual art connected with music, with a unique solid yet versatile graphic style, and he also invented a new style of video animation. Original yet consistent, highly inventive and intuitive, deeply philosophical, and with a sharp mind and a fearless attitude of breaking the rules.

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