War Of Art II: SITREP from 1914

Where death becomes absurd and life absurder. Pre-recorded interview with blackened sludge\death band 1914 from Ukraine about their current situation in a war-torn country. How it’s been for them, share their story and give a stage to their own poetry of the war.

Thursday 14. April 12:00 - Room 1


Dmytro Kumar (1914, UA)

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Interviewer: Frank Godla (US)

With over 17 years of experience in the music industry, Frank Godla has paved the way of online media with his popular website Metal Injection. Wearing many hats including co-owner, host, and content director, he’s constantly innovating the way we connect with artists around the world from emerging talent to household names. He’s received many accolades with Metal Injection over the years including a win at the 2012 MTV O Music Awards in the “Beyond The Blog”  category for his docu-series, On The Record. In 2013, LA Weekly named Metal Injection one of the ten best websites for heavy metal, praising its original video content, appearances of modern artists and humor articles. It has also been listed by Ditto Music as one of the twenty influential music sites that support independent and new artists.


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