Learnings in times of Corona - shaking up the old ways

Presented by Summer Breeze Open Air

Did the pandemic boost digitalisation as it has been often claimed? If so, does this concern heavy metal, which has traditionally been based upon a strong live sector? Will the circle of albums, festivals, and touring start turning again once the lockdowns will have become history or has something changed beyond repair? This panel will discuss the digital perspective for bands, distribution, venues, and festivals. Topics will revolve around streaming, fan communication, fan budgets, and merchandise by providing positive and negative examples.

Friday 23. April 02:45 PM

Mod: Roman Hilser / Summer Breeze Open Air (DE)  


Media & Communications Manager | Summer Breeze Open Air

Born in 1987 in the Black Forest (Southwest Germany) Roman realized at an early age that if you want to have a band, get around and play music - you need to do it yourself.

From promoting (small!) shows, touring with his and his friend‘s bands, merchandising, releasing/promoting music and diving into the (then brand new) world of social media, Roman naturally grew his personal network in the German music scene. Due to recommendation, Achim Ostertag (founder Summer Breeze Open Air) recruited Roman in 2015 to take care of managing the media production on site and communicating everything you need to know about Summer Breeze online through all social media channels. Roman’s educational background (educational theory, psychology, philosophy) helps him a lot with his daily tasks, although he never finished his university career.


Adam Gregory / Bloodstock (UK)


Adam Gregory has been involved with the Bloodstock Open Air festival since 2001, originally founded by his father Paul Gregory and currently run by Adam and his 2 sisters, Bloodstock is a family affair, celebrating 20 years in 2001. As a director, Adam is responsible for ensuring everything back end is locked down and runs correctly alongside his Sister Rachael, Adam also looks after the Sponsor engagements and additional activities outside of the bands.

Adam used to be in vehicle sales looking after Fleet vehicles for a number of years for Toyota and now spends his time either working on Bloodstock Festival or riding his beloved Harley Davidson.


David Kaiser / Blood Blast Distribution (DE) 

David has experience from management assistance, PR and marketing - in addition to media and communication studies in Hamburg and Dublin. Since 2015 he has worked in the industry full time with labels, directly with artists, festivals and discovered new exciting ways of using media, marketing, and distribution possibilities. He has also worked as part of the agency Oktober Promotion

David established the distribution service Blood Blast Distribution, where they are working hard to strengthen awareness and visibility of heavy music on all digital platforms with a dedicated international team. on any level - from newcomers to already established artists.


Jens Uhre Karlsson / Heartbeat Management (DK)

Jens Uhre Karlsson is the manager of BAEST, a death metal band from Denmark who have topped the charts there multiple times. BAEST has just released their 3rd album ‘Necro Sapiens’ through Century Media Records - an album written, recorded and released during the pandemic. This album has given the band international attention with it charting #4 in the danish Top 100, #40 in Germany and #86 in Spain.

With most live activity cancelled they have restructured the band setup and had a stronger focus on reaching  fans digitally, but keeping the old school vibe of the band.

AlexHärtel_SBOA - Kopie.jpg

Alex Härtel / Summer Breeze Open Air (DE)

Alex founded his business “Lahnsteiner Promotion” in 2007 before joining the Roadrunner Records Germany team in Cologne in 2008. Coming from a label background he has always been passionate about new releases and supporting bands on their professional journey.


Since 2018 Alex acts as the Head of Marketing and PR at SUMMER BREEZE Open Air in Dinkelsbuehl, Bavaria.