Singles vs. Albums

Dive into the number-crunching world with our panel, discussing singles versus albums. We are curious about the revenue of a band that releases more singles than a band that focuses on a traditional way of album releases. And what different strategies need to be taken into account?

Also, what variables do you need to take into account when you are planning a release 6 months ahead in time? A lot can change due to digital developments and changes in how music is consumed.

Thursday 14. April 15:00 - Room 1

Mark van Schaick

Mod: Mark van Schaick (NL)


Mark van Schaick has been writing about rock, metal and jazz since 1985. He has been the editor of music magazine OOR and musician's magazines Slagwerkkrant and Gitarist. 2018 saw the publication of his book Why Go, on the Seattle scene in the 1990's, In 2021 he was the editor of the book Melkweg 50 Light Years, which appeared on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of venue Melkweg in Amsterdam. For Dutch copyright society Buma, Mark has programmed six editions of loud music conference and showcase festival Buma ROCKS! (until 2018). He is the current conference programmer of inJazz and New Music Conference, aimed at the international promotion of Dutch copyright in jazz and contemporary classical music. He has covered Inferno Music Conference 2019 for webzine Never Mind The Hype and was a moderator at 2021’s online edition of IMC.


Laetitia Abbenes (Season of Mist, NL) 

Currently fulfilling the role of digital marketeer and catalog manager at Season of Mist, Laetitia Abbenes is happy to give her input on the topic of today: albums vs singles. Coming from a background in marketing and PR for Season of Mist but also for Loud Noise (Into the Grave, Dynamo Metal Fest) in the Netherlands, and as a writer for her (formerly) own zine Metal-Exposure and Zero Tolerance (UK), she brings a wealth of experience to the table.


Nele Buys (Consouling Sounds, BE) 

Nele Buys is the co-founder of the Belgian record label Consouling Sounds.

Consouling was founded in 2007 as a label specializing in experimental metal and drone, and all other sorts of adventurous music as long as it is dark.

The label gives advice to musicians and helps them grow artistically and strategically. It lobbies for the recognition of the artistic value of metal music.

Today they are a team of 4. Nele makes sure that LPs and CDs get pressed, is constantly on the lookout for new partners and allies, and is involved in research regarding the future of the music scene.

Photo: Stefaan Temmerman


Markus "Bart" Grasseck (Metal Blade, DE)

Markus "Bart" Grasseck has been working at Metal Blade Records for 8 years now, and in the biz for about 10 years in total. He is currently working as a Head of Wholesale, Product Manager and A&R.