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Presales–what are we going to do about it?

The pressure point of 2022, the change of average ticket sales in specific markets. We are all wondering what the reason for this could be and for some, this is a challenge that needs to be solved. Some say that ticket buyers can see the bigger bands at festivals, and therefore lack buying tickets for festivals. Others say that touring is too expensive, which makes tickets for club shows too expensive. Depending on the nation, certain target groups are even harder to reach and motivate to purchase tickets. What’s the reason for this change? And would it help if festivals start offering payment in terms? Or is quitting touring and only aiming for festivals the solution? All and all, the main question stays the same: what can we do about it?

Mod: Merle Doering (Catch 22, DE)

Brent Oostrum (TivoliVredenburg, NL)

Rubén Barros (Talent Nation, EC)

Juan Antonio (Madness Live!, SP)

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