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Passion & Burn-out

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

When searching online for how to prevent a burnout, the first thing you will find is to bring more passion into your work. Working in the music business, Hilde Spille sees that most people work with passion, but many of them end up getting a burnout. This lecture will answer the questions of how this can happen, the double relationship between passion and burn-out, how to use positivity, and how to guard your boundaries.

Hilde Spille (Paperclip Agency, NL)

In 2012, Hilde Spille started to write about mental challenges of musicians on her blog Compass for Creatives. She used the knowledge she got with her MA in cultural psychology, plus her experience in the live music business. Many (guest-) lectures and coaching sessions with musicians followed. Since 1995 Hilde works at Paperclip Agency, booking Dutch and European shows for bands from all over the world, including Pussy Riot, Sass Jordan, WE, El Caco and many more. Since 2002 she also works as talent buyer for Conincx Pop Festival.


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