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Fan commitment within digital music consumption

The metal fan, the stereotype of a record-buying fan at the merch stand and ready for a talk with the band, willing to invest in a quality record with grade-A artwork. However, with the developments in distributing digital music, the ways how fans show their commitment to a band are more and more broadly based between the physical and the digital world. How do we still reach the people in a more personal matter and create long-lasting fan relationships? What’s needed to get the same interactions with the listener online, such as the small talk moments at the merch booth? How can we distribute the same kind of feeling that a vinyl lover really admires?

Mod: José Carlos Santos (The Devil’s Mouth, PT)

David Kaiser (Bloodblast Distribution, DE)

Jerome Riera (Nuclear Blast, FR)

Sarah Kitteringham (Bandcamp, FI)

Read about the speakers here


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