Norwegian Metal Today: SITREP

The marriage of Norway and black metal was supposed to last forever. The Norwegian scene of the early 90s produced some of the most iconic and influential artists of black metal. What is the current status of this scene? Is Norwegian metal still seen as true? Are its artists and venues still relevant? Is the heritage from the 90s still relevant? Or has global black metal already taken over?


Thursday 22. April 11:05 AM


Mod: Guro Kleveland / Ballade (NO)


Guro Kleveland is chief editor and CEO of Ballade, online music magazine and periodical. covers basically all aspects on and about the Norwegian music scene, from reviews and feature articles within all musical genres, to cultural politics and financial aspects of the music business. Kleveland has a background in literature and journalism, as well as many years within music- and culture organisations.


Linda Melsom / Indie Recordings (NO)

Linda Melsom has been part of the Oslo underground rock and metal scene since her teens. She started working with festivals and events in the late 2000s, and her engagement landed her a position in Indie Recordings, where she has been since 2014. Her network in music has given her jobs with actors such as Norwegian Wood, By: Larm, Inferno Festival, Midgardsblot and Høstsabbat. In addition, she works freelance as a text consultant for cultural actors and helps them with, among other things, bio, sales pitches, promotional texts and budgeting. In recent years she has worked closely with bands in the rock and metal segment both through festivals, A & R and image building.

Sten Ove Toft.jpg

Sten Ove Toft / Blå (NO)

Apart from being a sound artist with a hang-up on noise and drones, Toft is the head of programming at the renowned venue BLÅ in Oslo. BLÅ started up in 1998 and has developed into being the focal point for all types of alternative music and culture in Oslo, in Norway and further abroad.

Torgrim Øyre.jpeg

Torgrim Øyre / Beyond the Gates (NO)

Torgrim Øyre is the festival manager for the Beyond the Gates festival and co-owner and founder of Revelations Music. Beyond the Gates is a five day event taking place in Bergen, Norway. Revelations Music provide management and booking services for clients such as Abbath, Gaahls WYRD, Enslaved and Audrey Horne. Torgrim is also working as a music journalist for the daily Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet. He was also the booking manager for the Hole in the Sky festival and has previously played with bands like Malignant Eternal, Obtained Enslavement and Gorgoroth.