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Mutilated Tyrant: a conversation about the Navajo black metal scene

In-depth interview with the band Mutilated Tyrant, hailing from Ganado, Arizona (US). Mutilated Tyrant’s members have their roots in the Navajo or Dineh. As a backlash from the NRK TV documentary from Thomas Selzer about living and playing music on a reservation, the festival decided to invite the band for a performance in the Rockefeller. We are curious about what inspires a band like that, with roots in the Indian reservation

Friday 7. April 12:00 - Room 2


Mod: Harald Fossberg (NO)


Writer, radio host, DJ, musician.

Harald Fossberg has followed Norwegian Black Metal from its inception, first via his radio show Stupet (The Abyss), which started in 1987. Later as a journalist for the newspaper Aftenposten. His book "Nyanser av svart" ("Shades of Black"), which traces the origins of the Norwegian Black Metal scene, was published in Norway in 2015. (English and Spanish translations are in progress, and will be available next year.)

Fossberg was the singer in one of Norway's first punk bands, Hærverk (1978-1980), later in Turbonegro (1991-1993). At the moment he "performs" in Turbonecro, which consists of ex-members of Turbonegro from the period 1989-1995.

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