My Business Is Metal
- A workshop on how to launch, scale and monetize your fanbase by Arnt Obsidian Gronbech


In this workshop, Keep Of Kalessin founder and frontman, Arnt Obsidian will talk about the mindset you need to develop to become an entrepreneurial artist as well as topics like new digital distribution models, the value of digital fan clubs and data collection, and how to tap into the potential using «influencer techniques» to monetize your fanbase and set up multiple residual income streams.
He will also touch briefly on the new and emerging market of NFTs and S-NFTs and how you as a label or artist can position yourself for the new and coming paradigm shift in music tokenization.

If you want to be in the BUSINESS of Metal, this is the workshop you should attend!

Friday 15. April 13:00 - Bar

For more information please send an email to // Facebook


- Musician, entrepreneur & business coach


After many successful years in the music industry as both a musician as well as operating his own label, studio and management, Arnt decided to branch out to other forms of entrepreneurship and online business.


From 2015 to 2017 he built a sales organization of more than 7000 people in 20 countries with a combined sales volume of 10M euros in just 24 months.


In between running his bands and companies, he is now coaching people in topics like online marketing, entrepreneurial mindset, and leadership. He specializes in talks for bands and artists where he teaches how to create multiple income streams from the fanbase using the latest technology.