Rewriting The Metal World: presentation by Joe Saw (Fanbytes, UK)

Headshot Joe Saw.jpg

The rise of TikTok as a major platform with many promotional benefits makes the metal industry appear to fall behind in the rapidly evolving algorithms of social media. Assuming that music marketing works similarly across all genres, we invited the experts to explain their methods. Mr. Joe Saw from Fanbytes (UK) has kindly agreed to give a keynote presentation regarding TikTok marketing for both settled and emerging talent.  Reaching target audiences and launching young talent has become even more of a challenge.  Joe has worked with global companies such as Nike, Deliveroo and including Universal, Warner, and Sony to engage with millions of people worldwide.


Joe is Partnerships Director at Fanbytes, a marketing agency helping brands to reach Gen Z through creative social campaigns. 

Thursday 22. April 02:45 PM

Speaker:  Joe Saw / Fanbytes (UK)