Social Media marketing: chasing the shorts
- with Joe Saw

Headshot Joe Saw.jpg

Speaker:  Joe Saw / Fanbytes (UK)

Instagram reels? YouTube shorts? With more platforms inventing new ways of facilitating their users, the social media consumption shifted from picture orientated to short video-based content. With all of these developments, algorithms adapt as well.


On the back of the 2021 IMC Online presentation about TikTok, Joe Saw from Fanbytes will host a presentation on how to chase and utilize these new
options on social media.


Joe Saw from Fanbytes (UK) is Partnerships Director at Fanbytes, a marketing agency helping brands to reach Gen Z through creative social campaigns. He has worked with global companies such as Nike, Deliveroo and including Universal, Warner, and Sony to engage with millions of people worldwide.

Thursday 14. April 14:00 - Room 2