Roundtable Discussion: Change in the Face of Challenge 

Solutions on pivoting to success for live events in the wake of turmoil and times of uncertainty.


Touring has changed for good, whether we like it or not. Now is the time to stand together and find ways to continue to make live events a source of income and enjoyment alike, without the stress and burden of continuous risk assessment both from the consumer and the artist’s team.

Please join Erin Lynch (FlyingFox AB, SWE) and Roman Hödl (District 19, AUT) for a round table discussion on solutions. This is an idea sharing discussion with the audience on how we can continue to work together to save a live events industry that continues to get hit from all angles.

Friday 15. April 15:00 - Room 2

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Erin Lynch (FlyingFox AB, SWE)

Erin Lynch has been touring and working in live events since 1996 either as a tour manager, production manager, and/or merchandise manager as well as artist liaison / backstage manager for many key Scandinavian festivals and arena shows.


She owns and operates FlyingFox AB – a band/artist, production, tour and event management company based out of Stockholm, Sweden managing bands such as Sólstafir, Oranssi Pazuzu and Hamferð.


In July of 2020, during the biggest crisis to ever affect our industry, she started the non-profit company C.R.E.W Coalition (Career Restricted Event Workers).


Winner WILM (Women in Live Music) 2018 Tour Manager of the Year and 2020 Production Manager of the Year.

Roman Alexander Hödl (District19, AUT)

Based in Vienna > Austria


Owner of:


District 19

European bookings & management 



Eindhoven Metal Meeting 



Vienna Metal Meeting


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