Buying Yourself On A Tour - What's It Worth?

With touring becoming one of the few ways for a band to actually make money, the budgets on the road are getting tighter and tighter. Especially with halls getting bigger and ticket prices higher, the value of exposure on tours gains somewhat the same. However, taking a band you like on tour because their latest album reminds you of a childhood song doesn’t mean the ride on the tour bus is for free. A good slot is definitely worth something, right? Or should we approach support slots as how it’s meant to be, give a band you believe in a good slot how others treated you in the past? Let’s give the word to the pro’s.

Thursday 14. April 15:00 - Room 2


Mod: Merle Doering (Black Harbour Entertainment, DE) 


Merle Doering is the co-founder and Managing Director of Black Harbour Entertainment, a young agency that not only books shows all over the world, but also offers bands assistance in management, merchandising and ticketing.

Merle began working in the live music industry as a booking agent in 2010 and from there also worked as tour manager and artist manager. Over the years she has worked with bands such as Death Angel, Sonata Arctica, Finntroll, Skálmöld, Stam1na, Coroner, Pain Of Salvation , Twilight Force, and more.


Jacopo de Simone (District 19, IT)

Jacopo de Simone works as a booking agent for District 19 since 2013. District 19 – owned and managed by Roman Alexander Hödl – is one of Europe’s leading extreme metal booking and management agencies, representing worldwide international artists like Asphyx, Harakiri For The Sky, Dool, Necrophobic, and many others (the entire roster is published here).


The agency books club and festival shows for the bands on its roster and it's specialized in the organization of so-called weekend and nightliner tours. Occasionally District 19 also arranges shows and full European tours for artists who are not on its current band roster but are in need of live performances in Europe.


Besides, District 19 books exclusively for the Eindhoven Metal Meeting (The Netherlands), Vienna Metal Meeting (Austria) & Hell Awaits (Austria).


Jacopo de Simone not only represents the District 19 bands in Europe together with the entire District 19 team but he's also particularly specialized in the organization of European tours having had his first experiences since 2005 when he booked the first full tours in the extreme underground scene, and later since 2011 when on a professional level he worked for Soundworks Touring Europe on extensive European runs for bands like Deicide, Decapitated, Aborted, Suffocation, Obituary, and many others.

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Alexander Obert (Doomstar Bookings, DE) 

Alexander Obert is a booking agent for the international agency DOOMSTAR BOOKINGS. He works with bands like UADA, SYLVAINE, GAEREA, PANOPTICON, ZURIAAKE and more.

Alex has maintained close contact with the independent art and music scene since his youth. He himself was a member of a not entirely unknown scene band. His enthusiasm for music, the scene and subculture is an ongoing and integral part of his life. In 2012, he founded the agency Swansea Constellation on a part-time basis, from which today's Swansea Concerts emerged.


Romain Monereau (The Link Productions, FR)

After several years working as a tour manager across the globe, Romain Monereau created The Link Productions, a French-based booking agency organizing tours worldwide. The roster is composed of a wide range of artists from main acts (Perturbator, Alcest, Igorrr) to upcoming talents (Hangman’s Chair, Déluge, Hypno5e, Déluge, …). The Link Productions also acts as a French promoter for foreign artists such as Godflesh, Tribulation, Atari Teenage Riot, Health, and more.