Black Metal in 2022: The Search for Trve Kvlt

Ivar Bjornson once said: ‘Norwegian black metal is like a marathon. Everyone started in the same place but all went in different directions..’ The sound of the Norwegian black metal has changed in many ways over the last decades. But the search of the purest form always stayed the same. Or has it changed over the years? A band from the twenty-first century that sounds like 1992, is that digging up an old corpse or the ultimate search of trve kvlt?

Thursday 14. April 14:00 - Room 1

Harald Fossberg (NO)

Writer, radio host, DJ, musician.

Harald Fossberg has followed Norwegian Black Metal from its inception, first via his radio show Stupet (The Abyss), which started in 1987. Later as a journalist for the newspaper Aftenposten. His book "Nyanser av svart" ("Shades of Black"), which traces the origins of the Norwegian Black Metal scene, was published in Norway in 2015. (English and Spanish translations are in progress, and will be available next year.)

Fossberg was the singer in one of Norway's first punk bands, Hærverk (1978-1980), later in Turbonegro (1991-1993). At the moment he "performs" in Turbonecro, which consists of ex-members of Turbonegro from the period 1989-1995.

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Frank Godla (US)

With over 17 years of experience in the music industry, Frank Godla has paved the way of online media with his popular website Metal Injection. Wearing many hats including co-owner, host, and content director, he’s constantly innovating the way we connect with artists around the world from emerging talent to household names. He’s received many accolades with Metal Injection over the years including a win at the 2012 MTV O Music Awards in the “Beyond The Blog”  category for his docu-series, On The Record. In 2013, LA Weekly named Metal Injection one of the ten best websites for heavy metal, praising its original video content, appearances of modern artists and humor articles. It has also been listed by Ditto Music as one of the twenty influential music sites that support independent and new artists.


As a touring artist himself, Godla is also the creator and organizer of the Slay AT Home festival, which began in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Highlighting the best in underground arts as well as cover collaborations between renown artists, the free livestream ran every month in support of a new charity for each edition.